Appeal Chairman's Introduction

The St Mary's Cathedral Conservation and Completion Appeal has been launched in support of this important project.

Before providing you with details of the appeal, I feel it is important to mention that the social outreach of the Church will not in any way be affected by our fundraising efforts.

Archbishop Hickey has guaranteed that all welfare agencies of the Archdiocese will continue to be appropriately funded so that they may continue their mission of reaching out to care for people in need within our community.

The total cost of The Conservation and Completion of St Mary's Cathedral project is estimated to be $25 million.

While this is a substantial task, I am delighted to report that much of this funding has already been achieved. We have already secured over $14.5 million in funding allocations (provided below) and received donations and pledges of support which have brought our total to $23 million as at 1/8/2008.

  • The Archdiocese of Perth is contributing $5 million from its own sources.
  • We are grateful to and acknowledge the Australian Government for its provision of $4 million in funding towards this historic project.
  • We express appreciation to the State Government which has committed $3 million on behalf of the community of Western Australia.
  • We remember and give thanks to Alice and Jim Hassell for their generous bequest of $2.4 million provided specifically for the completion of St Mary's Cathedral.

Our dream is almost realised. We have approximately $2 million left to raise in 2008/2009.

I am confident, by working together, we can and will achieve this goal.

To our priests and parishioners, our Catholic school families, our respected corporate citizens and of course, members of the general public, I urge your generous support for our Cathedral.

You are participating in an historic and worthwhile project, one which will enrich our community - and our people - for decades to come.

God bless you all