Lavan Legal.... Drives Our Appeal Forward

Editor’s Note:
I apologise in advance for the terrible pun, read on and you’ll understand!

Arriving in style in the firm’s brightly painted VW Van (used to transport documents to and from the Courts) this unique vehicle has the most appropriate number plate - LA VAN

Pictures L - R: Monsignor Keating, Greg Gaunt and Archbishop Hickey with the LAVAN VW Van.

Lavan Legal has provided professional services and support to the Archdiocese of Perth for many years. As a valued service partner, Lavan Legal wanted to actively demonstrate its support for such an historic project as The Conservation & Completion of St Mary’s Cathedral.

Mr Gaunt said :

“St Mary’s Cathedral is such an icon in our City. It has served the community for almost 150 years, and is an important heritage building which must be preserved. Lavan Legal is delighted to have this opportunity of supporting the Cathedral’s fundraising appeal. I was present at the appeal launch event in 2007 and had the privilege of hearing the address by Chief Justice Wayne Martin.” At that time he remarked

“our city has become a series of dormitory suburbs spread over about 80 kilometres connected by freeways. I fear we are in danger of becoming a city without a heart, both physically and metaphorically. And if our city loses its heart, what hope is there for its soul? We need great projects like this to bring people together in the heart of our city. We must encourage people to come together as a community, to stimulate the respect and mutual obligation which goes with a sense of community.

We should never under-estimate the importance of symbolism in influencing public attitudes. If one thinks of iconic places of worship such as St Paul's in London, St Peter's in Rome, Notre Dame in Paris, St Stephen's in Vienna to mention just a few, we all immediately bring to mind a mental picture of those buildings which are not only symbols of their cities, but also symbols of their city's commitment to spirituality, ethical principles including justice, and Christian fellowship in particular.

Lavan Legal doesn’t view this gift as a donation or a tax deduction - it’s an investment; an investment in the past and the future, one that will benefit all West Australians.

We encourage other prominent Perth businesses to get behind this important project and donate generously to this Cathedral Appeal” said Mr Gaunt.