"With Prayer & Song"

Archbishop Hickey Archbishop Hickey

Members of Religious Orders and Associations were warmly welcomed by
Archbishop Barry Hickey, Monsignor Michael Keating and
Mrs Maureen Colgan (Deputy Chair, Cathedral Appeal & Chair, and Religious Orders & Assoc)
for a Special Tour and Morning Tea at St Mary's.

It was one of the happiest events hosted at the Cathedral. During the tour, the group, lead by the Archbishop (who has a beautiful singing voice) spontaneously sang one or two hymns and offered prayers at various locations.

It was an experience to hear the Cathedral fill with such lovely voices.

Whilst morning tea was served, Maureen Colgan expressed sincere gratitude for the wonderful support our appeal had received from so many Religious Orders and groups throughout the Archdiocese of Perth.

In her address, Maureen paid tribute to "the magnificent service of so many men and women who have been such an important part of 'Church' throughout Western Australia".

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Guests were also informed that the cost of completion of the Cathedral had risen from $25 million to $32.9 million.

Maureen Colgan announced that we had already
raised $27 million in pledges and donations,
leaving just left $6 million to raise, to ensure
St Mary's will be opened without any residual debt.

It was truly a marvelous morning and the Sisters, Priests and other guests were enthralled and delighted by the Cathedral.

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