Articles from The Record

A finishing Touch for New Stations
Published 01/11/2009 Read Online
New Dean as Monsignor McDonald Leaves
Published 14/08/2009 Read Online
Official Opening of Cathedral Date Set
Published 24/07/2009 Read Online
Perth's Unknown Cathedral Architect
Published 09/07/2009 Read Online
Aliens, Women Priests, Test Bishops
Published 10/06/2009 Read Online
Second Spire Erected
Published 26/11/2008 Download
One Last Push for Cathedral
Published 21/08/2008 Read Online
Knights of the Southern Cross donation
Published 19/07/2007 Download
Cathedral Progress
Published 21/06/2007 Download
Fundraising Appeal Launch – Keynote Speaker
Published 31/05/2007 Download
Fundraising Boost
Published 24/05/2007 Download
The history of Cathedrals
Published 17/05/2007 Download
Cathedral Archeology
Published 17/05/2007 Download
Appeal Launch in Parishes & School Fundraising
Published 10/05/2007 Download
Cathedral Progress & Knights of the Southern Cross
Published 19/04/2007 Download
Appeal Launch & Cathedral Archeology
Published 22/03/2007 Download
Appeal Launch & Cathedral Archeology
Published 15/03/2007 Download
Cathedral Archeology
Published 08/03/2007 Download
Cathedral Archeology
Published 22/02/2007 Download
Where were the Bishop's buried
Published 08/02/2007 Download
Organ Dismantled
Published 01/02/2007 Download
Cathedral archeology
Published 18/01/2007 Download
Cathedral archeology
Published 04/01/2007 Download
Site works begin, archeology, funding and history
Published 16/11/2006 Download
Cathedral Vision Revealed
Published 16/11/2006 Download
Bishop's Resurrected
Published 21/10/2006 Download
Bishop's Bodies Exhumed
Published 05/10/2006 Download
Looking for 1930's fundraisers
Published 21/09/2006 Download
Farewell Mass & organ recital
Published 17/08/2006 Download
Cathedral Tours
Published 10/08/2006 Download
Farewell Mass
Published 27/07/2006 Download
Mass to Mark Closure
Published 15/06/2006 Download
Scaffolding Goes Up
Published 27/04/2006 Download
St Mary's Future Takes Shape
Published 19/11/2005 Download
Council Approves Cathedral
Published 17/11/2005 Download